Association of Racing Drivers Schools

How to become an ARDS Instructor

To become an ARDS instructor you must first apply for an Instructor Licensing Pack. The pack gives full information on training requirements, the qualifying criteria for each instructor grade and contains a First Instructor Licence Application Form. Download a pack for free below, or contact ARDS or a member school to be sent a copy.

Instructor Licensing Pack download - pdf file format

New Instructor Application Form download (pdf)

Before applying for an Instructor Licence drivers must complete specified training at an ARDS member school (the instructor may be required to meet some or all of the costs of this training). An assessment must be passed at the end of the course. A completed First Instructor Licence Application Form should then be submitted through the sponsor school together with a licensing fee of £249 (made payable to ARDS Limited). The application form must be signed and stamped by the sponsor school to certify that the required criteria have been met.

The first ARDS Instructor Licence issued to a driver wishing to instruct on track will be Probationary Grade C. An instructor can upgrade to a full Grade C licence once they have completed at least one year at Probationary Grade C and logged six signatures from an approved S Grade Instructor for the satisfactory completion of circuit instruction days worked at an ARDS Member School (must be within one year). A record form can be downloaded below, or is available from ARDS or a member school. Should an instructor have not completed their first six days within a year they may re license at Probationary C.

Grade C Upgrade Form download - pdf file format

In certain cases the ARDS Member School sponsoring the driver’s application may recommend that due to exceptional racing and instructing experience a higher initial grade should be issued and ARDS, at its absolute discretion, in turn will make such a recommendation to the MSA.

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