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How to relicense

ARDS Licensed Instructors may relicense annually for the following year from November. An application may be completed online or a form downloaded and returned to ARDS with payment. Download a form below or contact ARDS or a Member School with your email or postal address to be sent a copy. An instructor may relicense at any point during the year using this form.

The standard 2016 ARDS Instructor Licence will cost £150 if you apply online by 30 November 2015. This fee includes your Personal Accident and full UK and Europe Public Liability Cover giving you £5 million Public Liability Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance including up to £500 per week temporary disablement benefit for up to a year. All Postal applications, and online applications received after 30 November will revert to the full fee of £170.

Online Instructor Licence Application

2017 ARDS Licence Application Form download

All applications must be sponsored by a Member School and drivers may be required to undertake appropriate approved annual refresher training and re-assessment (the instructor may be required to meet some or all of the costs of this training). ARDS will contact your sponsor school to confirm your application is approved.

If an instructor wishes to submit an upgrade or change of sponsor school this must first be approved by the accepting school director.

Should an instructor be unable to obtain sponsorship from a Member School they may in special cases, and at ARDS absolute discretion, be able to obtain approval for their licence from ARDS directly. In this case an ARDS Instructor Licence Application Form should be submitted to ARDS together with relevant supporting information. An instructor may be asked to provide a record of six instructing days worked for an ARDS member school in support of their application, download below or contact ARDS at for a copy.

Record of Six Instructing Days download

Instructors will be sent an email confirming their application has been accepted and their grade status (insurance details and documents can be found on the ARDS website). An Instructor Licence will be sent to their home address from the MSA in due course. A list of all ARDS Licensed Instructors is available online and circulated regularly to member schools. Should you need your licence status confirmed for a non-ARDS employer before you receive your licence please just email us at with details and we will contact them directly.

Junior Driver Training

The rules regarding carrying out the ARDS test for Junior Drivers have been changed. Only the following ARDS Schools are authorised to carry out the Junior Driver Assessment: Anglesey, Croft, Knockhill, MSV (Brands Hatch), Race School Ireland, Silverstone and Thruxton. Each school will nominate those instructors it has trained to carry out the Junior Driver Assessment. These approved instructors will have an endorsement to that effect added to their MSA licence. The list of ARDS Licensed instructors online will also flag those instructors approved for junior driver training.

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