Association of Racing Drivers Schools

How to upgrade

An instructor may upgrade at any point during the year provided they have met the required grade criteria and have been approved by their sponsor school. An application can be submitted to ARDS at annual licence renewal or at any time via an ARDS Instructor Licence Application (apply online, download a form below, or forms available from ARDS or your sponsor school). There is an administration fee of £15 for mid-year upgrades, please make cheques payable to ARDS Limited and write your name and licence number on the back of the cheque. All upgrades must be first approved by your sponsor school.

2018 ARDS Instructor Licence Application Form download

2018 Mid-year upgrade form £15

To upgrade from probationary Grade C to full Grade C an instructor must demonstrate that they have worked on at least six occasions for an ARDS Member School and that their performance was satisfactory. Please complete a Grade C Upgrade Form and submit to your Sponsor School (download below or available from ARDS or your Sponsor School).

ARDS Instructor Licence Grade C Upgrade Form download

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