Association of Racing Drivers Schools
Train as an ARDS Instructor

ARDS has heard recently of a number of cases of individuals being offered what has been called ARDS Instructor training by non-ARDS members. These people have spent considerable sums of money  only to find that their training was worthless.

Here is some offical guidance from ARDS on becoming a licensed race instructor.

1. Deal only with ARDS directly or one of the ARDS Member Schools listed on this web site.

2. Look at the licensing criteria for ARDS Instructors and you will see that only drivers holding a race Nationl A licence with ten plus signatures, or a higher grade race licence, are eligible to become ARDS Instructors.

3. If you don't hold an MSA race licence, or are a novice race driver, you won't be eligible for an ARDS Instructor licence.   

4. ARDS is here to help and we encourage suitably qualified drivers to become instructors. But instructing does require experience, ability and training - it's not something you can just step into without the support of an ARDS Member School. So contact us before you commit any money to your training and we will offer you impartial, sound advice.


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