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MSA Disclosure and Barring Service temporarily suspended

The DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service, previously known as CRB), which is administered on ARDS behalf by the MSA, has been temporarily suspended

This will NOT affect your ARDS Instructor licence for 2014.

It has been the MSA and ARDS’ policy for the past three years that officials recognised by the MSA, and that group includes ARDS Instructors whose licences are issued by the MSA, need to undergo a DBS check (unless one had already been completed within the previous 3 year period).

A process was put in place for ARDS Instructors who didn’t already hold a CRB registration number valid for 2014 to apply for their DBS online.

The MSA has advised ARDS that this process has been temporarily suspended whilst they and their specialist advisors carry out a review to take account of recent changes in legislation. As the outcome of this review will not be known for some time the MSA are not able to undertake any new DBS checks at the moment.

What this means for ARDS Instructors

  • Child welfare remains a topic of paramount importance to the MSA.

  • The requirement for a DBS check is now deferred and will not apply to 2014 licence applications.

  • Instead, the previous system of checks in particular circumstances where there is certain involvement with young persons (such as club Child Welfare Officers) will continue, as before.

  • For ARDS, existing DBS (formerly CRB) checks undertaken on any ARDS Instructors remain valid for up to 3 years from their date of issue and need not be repeated during that time in any eventuality.

  • This will not hold up or in any way affect your ARDS Instructor licence for 2014

What you need to do

  • If you have applied for and received a CRB number that is valid into 2014 you need take no further action

  • If you applied for a CRB check in 2013 or earlier and have not yet received your CRB number please email your details to If you are sure your payment has been taken from your bank account let us know that. If you have made a payment by cheque and that cheque has NOT been taken out of your account, likewise let us know.

  • If you have applied on line for a 2014 DBS check via the MSA process and have made a payment, let us know and advise us whether or not the funds have come out of your account. The process is such that you may have tried to make a payment but that it has not yet reached the MSA and we need to establish where the funds are.

  • In any situation where you have paid for a CRB or DBS and your application is going to be held up because of the suspension of the scheme, you will be refunded.

  • However, some applications will be in the pipeline. In these cases the checks will be made and, upon clearance, your CRB number will be issued.

On behalf of ARDS and the MSA, we offer our apologies for any inconvenience caused as a result of this temporary suspension of the MSA’s ability to provide this service, and we would emphasise it is temporary.

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