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Paul Eric Dickinson

Paul Eric Dickinson


Thank you for looking in here at my profile. I qualified as a circuit instructor in November 2019 and doesn't that seem such a long way away now. Covid has interrupted so many things for us all and my own hopes of progressing through the grades as an ARDS instructor. But! I haven't arrived at this point without experience and I hope very much that you will enjoy your lessons with me.

Whilst I've only been racing cars for a few years I can bring 40,000 plus hours and 23 years of coaching experience as a professional motorcycle instructor. Thousands of people have had lessons with me and I have my own school that delivers all levels of training based near Bristol.

For your racing lessons I have an R53 JCW Mini fully kitted out in race spec. Give it a try, I promise you won't be disappointed! If you are, I'll give your lesson fee back to you. I can't be fairer than that.

Need to know

South West
Licence Grade:
Prob C
Sponsor ARDS School:
Thruxton Motorsport Centre
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07966 274684

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