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Ed is someone that has lived and breathed motorsport all his life. As well as winning over 60 car races outright, he has won many Kart Championships and whilst well known for being a Formula Ford maestro he has also shown great versatility by winning and being very fast in sportscars and endurance racing. He has worked for many prestige car manufacturers as a coach, presenter and event organiser and spent a 7 year stint as a behind the scenes driver for a well known motoring programme, and regularly drives for manufacturers at events like the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Ed is the Managing Director of the hugely respected Motorsport Events Ltd track day company which have been running successful track days since 2001. Over the years he has shown a great motorsport business brain and been at the helm of launching the first on board laptiming system into the UK motorsport industry and has been in charge of the rapid growth of the Hedtec crash helmet and racewear brand. Ed also oversees the distribution of various specialist products into the motorsport industry and recently launched a new brake caliper to huge success in the Formula Ford market.

Coaching current and future race drivers and novice track day drivers is something that Ed enjoys and has a great way of helping drivers achieve their potential and guiding them to use their own minds with gentle and also when necessary firm encouragement. Ed's opinion is too many drivers jump in to fast cars too soon and never get close to the true limit, sometimes it is better to start much more modestly and get the basics right and this can even include sessions in race karts. So if you want a coach with massive experience of working with all levels of driver, someone who has been there and done it and who is technically razor sharp and who will cut right to the chase and yet be polite and honest, then consider getting in touch.

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