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I first attended the Jim Russell Racing School at Snetterton circa 1973 and subsequently Motor Racing Stables at Brands Hatch soon afterwards.

My first competitive event was the last running of the Mobil Economy Run in 1974 with an International Rally Licence (Temporary) from the RAC

I worked for a Formula Ford manufacturer in the 1970's and was involved in Formula Vee at that time, subsequently racing in the formula as well.

Raced and sprinted an Historic Merlyn Mark 6 early 1980's

Raced in Formula Ford (Pre '74 and Champion of Brands) in the 80's.

I then "retired" from motorsport for a few years.

I designed and built a kart circuit at Sandown Park, Surrey in 1994 which I had MSA approved and then founded an MSA approved kart club and an ARKS School which I ran and became a member of the ARKS Board in the period 1996 to 2000.

I was involved in the establshment of T Cars in 1999/2000 and as a result of instructing young drivers was invited by Richard Peacock at Anglesey Circuit to apply for an ARDS Instructors licence.

Having held this licence and continued instruction work as well as ruunning a championship winning race team that has operated in the UK and Europe it was recommended by my sponsoring school that there be an upgrade to an A Grade licence.

Over the following years I worked with MSV at Brands Hatch, Snetterton and Cadwell Park on race school activity, track day tuition and ARDS testing.

MSV appointed me as Chief Instructor at Snetterton and Cadwell Park Circuits and part of my role was to oversee the running of ARDS Tests and General On Track Instruction and Track Day activities.

I also acted in a Duty Management role at Snetterton Circuit and gained a greater insight into the running of race events which has proved useful for my commitment to the ARDS programme.

I am very grateful for the support and commitment that has been given by Richard Peacock of Anglesey Circuit over the years, I learnt a lot from his excellent mentoring.

Richard was hugely encouraging and informative on all aspects of instruction technique and the courtesies afforded to aspiring race drivers.

Subsequently I am indebted to the enthusiasm that has been generated by Peter Alexander and the ARDS instructors at MSV who encourage and embrace the requirements of aspiring racers who enter the sport at all levels.

Having been based close to Snetterton and Cadwell Park Circuits meant that I was able to build a working relationship with motorsport enthusiasts in those areas.

Since July 2016 I have moved to Anglesey Circuit to join the Management Team and couple the race circuit organisation with my Instructing role which offers even greater opportunities to help introduce new enthusiasts to our sport and to be able to pass on the knowledge I have gained of this absorbing and exciting sport.

I am currently racing in Formula Vee and looking forward to dusting off some of my Formula Ford 1600 cars for outings in 2018.

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